I tried neurofeedback to help with my chronic migraines:

First, I learned how to ‘relax’ properly during my biofeedback sessions by slowing my breathing, heart rate, and ultimately my brain waves. Once I learned to relax properly, I was told that 20-minute daily sessions of this would be as effective as the beta blocker I took every day to prevent migraine episodes. I might even be able to stop taking it altogether!

Long story short, this did not cure my migraines. Relaxing does *help* my migraines. Doing this in a dark room can completely quell my migraines triggered by sunlight. But it is no substitute for the beta blocker I take, and it’s ridiculously expensive. Honestly, a cheaper option would be to go to a yoga class twice a week.

Haunted by everyday noises

After many attempts at trying to curb my Misophonia, I decided to try my most expensive option yet: neurofeedback.

BrainWaveHealthIllustI’m apprehensive to even write about neurofeedback because I don’t want this post to seem like an endorsement of the method. But basically, the neuro process works like this: you relax in a chair with a few electronic sensors attached to your ears and scalp; the sensors read your brain waves as you listen to music and watch a light display on a computer screen; the music and light display are interrupted ever-so-slightly when the sensors detect that your brain is deviating from a happy and healthy state; these slight interruptions – or ‘feedback’ – are believed by some to rewire your brain to achieve some level of normalcy.

I’ve read about a handful of people online who say the method has cured their Misophonia or has at least reduced their…

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